Scarlett Barnett
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Our precious baby girl, Scarlett Barnett was born at 37weeks into heaven on 2/11/09, White Plains NY at 4:22 a.m. She weighed 5lbs, 1oz and 18 Inches long. She is my first born. My original due date was 2/26/09. Cause of death remains unknown. She will be very loved and missed forever!! There is not a second of my day that goes on without thinking of her. She will forever live in my heart and will never be forgotten.

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auntie and cousin misses you   / Jessica Santiago (auntie)
 i will always miss you.
TO SCARLETT BARNETT   / Jessica Santiago (auntie)
missing u my neice   / Jessica Santiago (auntie)
  I cried for months scarlett when i find out u were gone.  Why did you have to leave this world , i guess god needed another Angel .  i wish i got to tell u goodbye and hold you. Great Grandma Isabel and grandmom Elsi...  Continue >>
A real life angel   / Ivelisse Arroyo (friend/madrina)
Never ever thought something like this would ever hit so close to home . I felt as if a part of my heart was ripped off we all loved you before u even had fingers but the moment i held you my heart and soul just crushed beyond belief its crazy h...  Continue >>
I LOVE YOU!   / Yvonne (friend)
I was there the day you went to heaven and it was like I lost one of my own. I want you to know that your mother and father are amazing people and you will always be with them.  I think about you everyday and you will always be in my heart....  Continue >>
If I could only...  / Stardust Lamm (Common Ground )    Read >>
My heart is not complete  / Wendy Moran (Cousin)    Read >>
Condolences / Sylvia (honorary auntie :) )    Read >>
angel / Carolina Sanchez (friend)    Read >>
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